Belenco has made it a policy to meet the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System in order to manage all risks regarding business continuity and information assets, and to preserve its effectiveness and ongoing development with consideration of existing and potential risks. It therefore has adopted the following 5 items as a principle:

  • Continuous improvement of documents created while building the information technology system,
  • Unconditional compliance with all legal regulations and contracts regarding information security,
  • Awareness of the risks against information assets and systematic management thereof,
  • Undertaking training efforts and activities required to increase awareness of information security,
  • Supporting the assessment and improvement of risks in line with three main elements of information security system—privacy, integrity and accessibility.

Belenco undertakes to ensure integrated management of these activities under the five aforementioned items with other management systems. This is how it guarantees the support of management for continuity of investments required as a response to security breaches which may occur within the organization.