Shines As New With Simple Cleaning!

Wet cotton cloth and a soft neutral liquid detergent (e.g. window cleaners or hand-dishwashing liquids) will be enough for daily cleaning. If you wipe spills and left-overs from the surface before they dry out and turn into permanent stains, you can preserve the first-day shiny look for many years. Rinsing the surface well with sufficient amount of water and then drying, after having it cleaned it with a neutral detergent, is important both for your health and long-term protection of the natural look of the surface.

As Seta Surfaces are textured, they are more sensitive to stains and require more frequent maintenance.

Cleaning Stubborn Stains

Dried stains and spills are hard to remove and require extra effort. Therefore, please clean out the dirt and stains on your countertop before they dry out. Use a plastic spatula to get rid of the stubborn stains including dried food left-overs and drink spills. First, gently scrape away the stain with a plastic spatula and then clean it out with a soft damp cloth and a neutral liquid detergent (e.g. window cleaners or hand-dishwashing liquids). Rinse the surface well with sufficient water after cleaning and dry the surface.

Why To Keep Your Countertop Dry

Tap water contains high level of lime. And unless the countertop is kept dry, lime in tap water precipitating to the side and back portions of the sink will cause lime residues on the surface. The most commonly made mistake to remove lime on quartz surface is to use lime removers. Lime removers are highly concentrated, acidic chemicals, and damage the surface while removing the lime on your quartz surface. Most of the commercially available chemical substances are concentrated and are very likely to contain a highly acidic (pH:0-4) or highly basic (pH:10-12) chemical composition. It is recommended to dilute such chemical products before use (e.g. one lid of chemical per bucket of water).

Scratch Resistance

More than 90% of your Belenco countertop is quartz, and it is designed to resist lasting stains thanks to its non-porous texture. It is not coated by any type of chemical wax like marble do which is polished after production or by using chemicals. Quartz surfaces reach the shine of a glass after quartz minerals are abraded by diamond abrasives in the factory. As your quartz surface is firmer than metal they are not scratched with sharp objects. However, your quartz countertop will abrade metal knives, causing the knife to leave a grey metal stain on the surface on your countertop. Therefore, we recommend you to avoid cutting and chopping on the surface of the countertop and use a cutting board.

Always Hygienic

Thanks to Belenco’s non-water absorbent, nonporous composition, its compact nature never accommodates any micro-organism growth, making it hygienic. Belenco’s hygienic design is NSF-approved and NSF51-certified for safe food preparation.

Routine Cleaning A damp cotton cloth and warm water
Light Stains Neutral daily cleaning detergent
Heavy, Dry Stains Diluted bleachers, gel detergents

We Recommend

A damp, cotton cloth and warm water will suffice for daily cleaning of your Belenco countertop. In cases where you need to use detergents, prefer neutral daily cleaning detergents. Read and follow manufacturer’s instructions before using cleaning materials. Rinse the surface with sufficient water and make sure you always dry the surface.

Don’t Forget!

Belenco believes that not only it is important to produce quartz surfaces at the quality they deserve, but also to offer them for use in the way they deserve. Belenco knows that raising consumers’ awareness plays a pivotal role in the total lifecycle of quartz surfaces. Therefore, it provides consumers with all information on how to use its products in the living spaces where they will create added value. Please do not forget to take “Belenco Use and Maintenance Guidelines” from your workshop.

You Can Keep Your Countertop Good As New!

Don’t let stubborn stains dry on your countertop. It is recommended to wipe such difficult stains with a damp cloth before they dry out and then dry the surface after application.

  • Over 90% of Belenco Quartz Surfaces is composed of quartz, retaining all supreme qualities of natural quartz. As one of the hardest semi-precious mineral stones, whose solidity rate is 7 Mohs, quartz equips the Belenco Quartz Surfaces with high scratch and abrasion resistance. However, We still recommend you to avoid using sharp and pointed tools directly on Belenco. Make sure to use a cutting board to keep your countertop good as new.
  • Some cooking methods cause heat reflection, where heat reaches out from the source onto the counter to accumulate, subsequently damaging the countertop surface. Always place your pots and pans appropriately centered on your cooker. The cooker installation should have an appropriate distance from the back panel of your countertop. Otherwise, your quartz surface will have a contact with open flame, and permanent stains will form as rust progresses.
  • Avoid dropping heavy objects on the countertop. Pay special attention to prevent objects from damaging the surface or edges (e.g. scratching, cracking, rupture etc.).
  • Although Belenco has a higher heat resistance than other countertop materials, it may still be affected by high temperature changes. Therefore, It is necessary to avoid putting hot containers from the cooker or oven directly on Belenco, and definitely to use a a trivet basement. Do not place heat dissipating kitchen materials (electric frying machines, cookers etc.) directly on the countertop.
  • Belenco receives its shine from the quartz it is made of. Therefore, do not use polishing chemicals on Belenco surfaces. Belenco surfaces can be polished only during the manufacturing process. Any kind of polishing to be done thereafter will damage your Belenco quartz surface beyond repair.

Click here to download "Use and Maintenance Guidelines" pdf document