It is easy to clean and secures more comfort in life...

Rendering extremely robust and durable natural quartz mineral in a combination of exceptional artwork and engineering, Belenco utilizes fascinating design and state-of-the-art technology. Belenco manifests itself as a strong and stylish surfacing material with high abrasion, scratch and chemical resistance. It is easy to clean and secures more comfort life with practicality.

Always hygienic

Thanks to Belenco's nonporous and non-water-absorbent texture, its compact nature never accommodates any micro-organism growth, making it hygienic. Belenco's hygienic design is NSF-approved and NSF51-certified for safe food preparation; therefore, its outstanding quality ensures you do not need to use disinfecting cleansers.

No permanent stains

Belenco employs cutting-edge technology to produce quartz surfaces comprising of 93% natural quartz and 7% binder and inorganic pigment in formulation with a non-liquid absorbent and nonporous texture, making it resistant against dirt. Substances that may permanently stain or otherwise cause wear on other countertops-including tea, coffee, wine, vinegar, lemon and colored spices—do not affect Belenco. Thanks to its top-notch quality, Belenco does not require use of protectives.

Maintains natural shine

Belenco retains the natural sheen of quartz mineral without any need for protectives, polishing or refurbishing. With the help of a simple daily cleaning, Belenco maintains its first day luster and natural brightness for many years.

Lustrous as new with simple cleaning

Wet cotton and a soft neutral liquid detergent (window cleaners or hand-dishwashing liquids) will prove sufficient for daily cleaning. If you wipe out spills and left overs from the surface before they dry out and turn into permanent stains, you can preserve the first-day lustrous look for many years. Rinsing the surface well with sufficient amount of water, after having cleaned it with a neutral detergent, is important both for your health and long-term protection of the natural look of the surface.

Stubborn stains

Dried stains and spills are hard to remove and require extra effort. Therefore, please clean out the dirt and stains on your countertop before they dry out. Use a plastic spatula to get rid of the stubborn stains including dried food left overs and drink spills, residues of hair dyes, nail enamels, adhesives and paint spills. First, gently scrape away the stain with a plastic spatula and then clean it out with a soft cloth and a neutral liquid detergent. Make sure to avoid using cleaners that contain abrasive particles. For stubborn stains, apply the detergent directly onto the spill only and then gently scrub out with a cleaning sponge. Rinse the surface well with sufficient water after cleaning.

Lime, soap residues and water marks

Use low concentration household lime removers to get rid of such stains. Observe producer's instructions for use. Rinse off the surface with plenty of water after treatment.

Rust and oil stains

Do not let any spills of rust or heavy oil dry out turn into stubborn stains. Yet in such a case, please make sure to use oil or rust removal products and remember that these are strong chemicals that might damage the surface. Therefore, make sure to exercise due care when applying such products. These products with high pH degree must be applied onto the stain only and rinsed off with sufficient amount of water immediately after use. Should such products remain on the surface for a long time or fail to be rinsed off well, they may result in discoloration or surface defects on Belenco.

You can keep your countertop good as new!

Use a cutting board

Belenco retains the supreme qualities of the natural quartz. As one of the hardest mineral stones in nature, the most outstanding trait natural quartz gifts to Belenco is the high abrasion and scratch resistance. Belenco is a surfacing material with the highest scratch resistance. However, please remember to avoid using cutlery directly on Belenco. Make sure to use cutting board to keep your countertop good as new.

Use a trivet

Although Belenco has a higher heat resistance when compared to other countertop materials, it may be affected by changing temperatures. Therefore, make sure to use a trivet and avoid direct placement of any hot containers on Belenco after taking them out from a cooker or oven. Avoid direct placement of any heat emitting kitchen appliance (electric toasters, fryers or cookers, etc.) on the countertop.

Keep in mind!

Please note the following to enjoy using Belenco countertop by keeping it lustrous and good as new for many years:

  • Don't let stubborn stains dry out on your countertop. Immediate cleaning of stains will help you avoid excessive use of chemical substances, while the time spent for cleaning drops.
  • Avoid using cleaning agents with high pH degree as much as possible. If you have to use them, please apply directly onto the stain only and rinse off with plenty of water immediately after use.
  • Strictly avoid using powder or cream detergents with abrasive particles. Prefer gel products. Similarly, avoid using hard cleaning tools (wire scrubbers, sponges with abrasive surface etc).
  • Never apply any bleaching agents, paint strippers or thinners (chemicals such as trichloroethane or methylene chloride) on your countertop. Strong bases with pH degree higher than 8.5 and acids with very low pH degree—such as spirits of salt—cause your countertop to fade out and deform its smooth surface.
  • Some cooking methods may cause heat reflection where heat reaches out from the source onto the counter to accumulate, subsequently damaging the countertop surface. Always make sure that your pots and pans are centered appropriately on your cooker.
  • Avoid dropping any heavy objects onto the countertop. Make sure to prevent objects from damaging the countertop surface or its edges (e.g. scratching, cracking, chipping).
  • Belenco retains the radiance of the natural quartz. Therefore, never use brightening chemicals on Belenco surfaces. Belenco surfaces can be polished only during the manufacturing process. Any kind of polishing to be done thereafter will damage your Belenco quartz surface beyond repair.

Routine Cleaning A wet cotton cloth and warm water
Gentle Stains Neutral daily cleaning detergents (Mr.Muscle, Cif Window Cleaners, Daisy, Dettol, Cillit Bang Kitchen Cleaner Sprays)
Heavy,Dried Stains Gel detergents with bleach (Domestos Ultra Thick Bleach, Colorox Clean-Up with Bleach, Mr.Muscle Spray , Ajax Spray & Wipe
Lime Stains Cilit Bang Power Grim & Lime, Lysol Power, Lime-A-Way lime, calcium& rust cleaner spray
Rust Stains Cillit Bang, Mr.Muscle Kitchen Spray, Lime-A-Way Lime, calcium&rust cleaner spray